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Tioga Pass is Open

CA Highway 120 over Tioga Pass is open as of today, June 10, 2024. It had been closed for winter since November 21, 2023.
Tioga Pass is the highest pass in the Sierra Nevada range, at 9,943 feet (3,031 meters) above sea level. It is usually the last past to open up after seasonal winter closures.

Sonora Pass is Open

Sonora Pass, on Highway 108, opened today, May 16, 2024. It had been closed for the winter since January 2, 2024.
This is our favorite pass over the Sierra Nevada. We’re looking forward to riding it soon. Expect wet and sloppy conditions in lots of places until the last of the snow melts.
Conditions should improve rapidly as the weather continues to warm up and the remaining snow disappears.

Ebbetts Pass is Open

Ebbetts Pass, on Highway 4, opened today, May 9, 2024. It had been closed for the winter since January 2, 2024.
Ebbetts Pass is a fantastic road, especially if you are on a motorcycle. It’s technically challenging, with tight, steep switchbacks. Some of the grades are greater than 23 percent.
The scenery is beautiful, traffic is generally fairly light, and the riding is some of the best in the Sierra. Be aware that in some places the road is less than two lanes wide. It is common to meet oncoming traffic taking up more than half of the road. Or needing to wait a while before you can safely pass a slow-moving vehicle.

Monitor Pass is Open

Highway 89 over Monitor Pass opened today, April 10, 2024 after being closed for the winter since January 2, 2024.
Remember that this pass often gets closed and reopened with late-season winter storms.